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Google Launches Project Sunroof to Show Solar Energy Potential of Homes

Google has launched a new project called Project Sunroof. The goal of the project is to show the solar energy potential of homes. It is currently available in San Francisco, Fresno and Boston. Read more... August 18, 2015

Large Vortex in Lake Texoma

This video of a large intake vortex at Lake Texoma has been viraling around the Internet since it was filmed late last month. The video was filmed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District. Read more... July 3, 2015

Adorable Pudu Fawn Born at Queens Zoo

This adorable southern pudu fawn was born at the Queens Zoo on May 12. The Queens Zoo in New York is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The pudu is the smallest species of deer in the world. They only reach only 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 cm) at the shoulder. Read more... June 22, 2015

Kate Mara Talks Threat of Drift Gillnets in Oceana PSA

Actress and ocean activist Kate Mara stars in a new PSA for Oceana. Kate warns about the threats of drift gillnets to marine wildlife. Read more... May 23, 2015

Rhino Wears Special Mask to Protect Eyes From Flies

A rhinocerous at the Zoological Center in Tel Aviv wears a special mask to protect its eyes from flies. The AP reports that the mask was designed by Neta Gueta, an Israeli zookeeper. Putting the mask on the rhino does not look like an easy task and a zookeeper can be seen risking injury in the video below to get the mask on the rhino. Read more... December 3, 2014

Man Saves Baby Swan Trapped in Chain Link Fence

In this video from the Wildlife Aid Foundation an animal rescuer named Simon helsp rescue a cygnet (baby swan) that is stuck on a fence. This would be an easy job were it not for a very protective male father swan, the cob. Read more... October 4, 2014

Poachers Reportedly Cutting Into California Redwood Trunks

CBS This Morning reports that California Redwoods are being attacked by poachers. The trees are 500 to 700 years old on average. Some of the biggest trees are up to 2,000 years old. Burl poachers have damaged at least 25 trees. There is a black market for the wood. Park rangers say the burls are essential to the forest for reproduction. It sounds like the park needs an influx of cash to install cameras and other security measures. The park has tried closing certain roads and has increased surveillance in the park. Read more... May 9, 2014

Aerial Perspective Scares Geese With Goosebuster Drone

Aerial Perspective frightens geese with its Goosebuster Drone. The video below shows how it works. The company says, "Goose droppings pose a wide range of serious public health risks to humans including a wide variety of pathogens, diseases, viruses and parasite." The company says they can ruin crops and beaches. The geese clearly do not like the flying drones, which make a lot of noise. Read more... May 3, 2014

Mahi Mahi Beaches Itself on Australia Beach

A Mahi Mahi can be seen beaching itself on a beach in southwest Australia. The beautiful fish comes straight towards a man on the beach in the weird incident. The fish didn't seem to understand it was at the edge of the water. It can be seen turning back around near the end of the clip. Read more... April 2, 2014

Deer Stranded on Frozen Lake Rescued With Hovercrafts

Three deer stranded on a frozen lake were rescued by MedCity Hovercraft using their hovercraft vehicles. The lake is Albert Lea lake in Minnesota. The deer were unable to get back to land after wandering out on the ice. The video was recorded using Gopro Hero3. We are glad these three deer are safe thanks to the father and son team. One of the owners told KSTP that one of the deer came closer to them as if he knew the men were going to help him. The hovercraft are quite useful on the ice. Read more... February 22, 2014


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